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Rules applying a skin Facial Mask

First, you must good polish the face, then a few minutes to make a hot wet towel, It is possible to use herbal teas. Steamed facial skin on the massage lines down put a Facial Mask with your fingers or a limited brush. And here, perhaps, the most important point – to afford 15-20 minutes of rest and relaxation! It is possible to turn your favorite music, light a scented candle and to lie with maskoy. Snimat mask should also be on the massage lines, you can use sponge or cotton discs. Finally slash facial skin with cool h2o and use a caring cream.

Facial Cover for oily and combination skin

Facial Mask of sour milk for face with enlarged pores and whelks

For this Facial Mask is sufficient to impose on the facial skin and covered with a thick ryazhenka top facial skin with gauze. In such a state should be approximately a quarter of an hour, and then remove the cheesecloth and rinse the face with warm h2o. This cover is better to do at the weekend or in the evening.

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